If you are maybe not prepared to date some women, does that mean
you are insecure? Well, probably… But only when « insecure » doesn’t mean
exacltly what the accuser means it indicates.

There’s one common refrain you will hear from females. Not only females, but
guys sometimes too. The refrain goes along these lines:


don’t want to date this lady since you’re vulnerable.



There are many ladies this is clearly pure self-serving discourse
from. Morbidly obese females, for-instance. If a morbidly overweight woman
informs you you’re vulnerable unless you like to date her, well, you understand
that’s a bathtub of baloney (and possibly a bathtub of lard, too).

This article isn’t about those ladies. Not the clearly undesirable
women who’d state the rejection of those comes from insecurity.

Instead, this article is concerning the fuzzy instances: ladies with a high
level matters, ladies who may have dated far wealthier or handsomer guys than
you, girls who may have outdated criminals. Heck, ladies who have outdated guys of
‘badder’ events than you might be (a white guy if you should be Asian, or a black colored
guy in case you are white, such as), or girls which was once dudes
(transsexuals), or
women which inform you they are rape subjects or abuse victims.

Are you presently, actually, insecure should you decide
should not go out one of these brilliant individuals?